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The Stop TB Partnership is a unique international organization at the forefront of the global TB response, bringing together expertise, innovation, medicines and diagnostics, and people-centered services from a broad range of partners with a shared vision to end TB by 2030. With the United Nations High-Level Meeting on TB (UN HLM) Targets and Commitments for 2018 upon us and being on the pathway towards the next UN HLM on TB in 2023, we need to urgently invest in TB to save lives. Despite the continued efforts, The TB response remains marginalized, unknown, and severely underfunded. Specific advocacy efforts at national and subnational levels are essential to ensure an increase in funding for TB prevention, diagnosis, treatment and support, and increased investments in community-led engagement, human rights, and gender equality in TB.

To support the country-level partnership platforms, Stop TB Partnerships provided small grants to promote a multi-sectoral response to ending TB. Thus far, country platforms have made significant achievements through these grants in advocacy, coordination, and partnership initiatives and efforts, particularly engagement in various platforms related to TB at the national and sub-national level, mobilization of high-level government officials, national key stakeholders, and practitioners across sectors to achieve commitments to end TB by 2030.

In light of this, the excellent work done by Stop TB Partnership Ghana in the first Country Platform grant which ended in March 2022, merited the organization a second opportunity to place TB in the high political agenda, while championing the engagement of duty bearers strongly towards the forthcoming United Nations High-Level Meeting on Tuberculosis to be held in September 2023.

The objectives of the project are:

  • Increase visibility and understanding of TB response and TB efforts at the country level
  • Conduct strong TB advocacy and create a critical mass to deliver change around TB issues
  • Enhance domestic resource mobilization and increase funding for TB
  • Generate high-level advocacy activities targeting country key stakeholders and decision-makers to ensure alignment of national and global advocacy efforts
  • Increase the number of partners engaged in TB response at the country level and ensure the relevance of the partnership
  • Position the country-level platforms as strategic leaders and key conveners and facilitators on